The whole idea of me making cakes was born when I announced I was going to make my own wedding cake, so ironic then really that I should find this design to be the most difficult one to do!
That was my first ever attempt at a cake. Shameful now really.

I'm pleased to say that my ability grew and after a course with a well-known caker my rose making ability vastly improved!
I came up with a few designs and realised that my partner was going to be a crucial planner too - we both had to love it, not just be happy with the design, we had to really love it. After several weekends of drawing, making, baking, icing, re-icing, and dropping and smashing sugarpaste roses, we settled on a design that used swarovski crystals. We tried diamanté  but sometimes there are the odd occasion when you don't want to compromise! We've got the rest of our lives for that...

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    October 2012